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Monroe's Academy for the Different

Nestled on the top of a hill in Wexbridge somewhere in the middle of England, Monstacademy is one of two schools for monsters in the United Kingdom. This is the school where Trixie's adventures with monsters began. The current headmistress is Miss Flopsbottom.

The Halloween Parade The Egyptian Treasure The Grand High Monster The Magic Knight

Escuela de Monstruos

Escuela de Monstruos translates as Monster School. It is hidden away in a secret network of caves just behind the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu in Peru. Madam Garcia, a fairy, is the current headmistress.

There are rumours that the ancient monster known as a pishtaco has returned to the area. Find out more in The Machu Picchu Mystery.

The Machu Picchu Mystery

Bondi University for Monsters

The Bondi University for Monsters (B.U.M) is one of the most prestigious monster academies in the world. Famous graduates include World Howling Champion Petr Von Moostach and esteemed scientist Countess Alucard.

Shkola Voy

Otherwise known as The Howl Academy, Shkola Voy started out as a school for the werewolves of Siberia. Over time, they have opened their doors to all monsters and it is now one of the leading researchers in early Yeti civilisations.

Pvalako Skula

The School of the Hole is one of the most secretive places of learning in all monsterdom. Outsiders are unable to find it because it lies at the bottom of a very deep canyon somewhere on the north face of Mount Everest. Because of its unique position deep under ground, monsters that study here tend to be experts in mineralogy and monster palaeontology.

Verity Dogsby was forced to go to school at Pvalako Skula after her devious plot in the Grand High Monster.

The Grand High Monster


As the premier school for monsters in Germany, Shweineunten is highly thought of around the world. Famous underwater skiier Delores Helm (a mermaid) once attended.

According to Colin in the Grand High Monster, Schweineunten once had an investigation from the Auditors that lasted almost a year.

The Grand High Monster